20 12 / 2013

I’ve been a fan of the boys for years and was so excited to find out they were touring over the summer and were going to be playing a show at Jones Beach. My friend and I bought tickets and I was looking forward to my third Jonas show! Exactly two weeks before the show I was leaving to go on a vacation to Seattle and a cruise to Alaska and in the midst of my procrastination while packing, I got an email from Team Jonas telling me to enter the meet and greet contest. I didn’t have full membership and hadn’t for a couple years since they took their three year break. So, I went to the contest page, asked my parents if for 20 dollars for the year I could renew my membership and enter the contest for fun, although I knew I’d never win because I don’t win anything. I went on my cruise and the entire time I was freaking out because I couldn’t check my phone or anything and didn’t know if I would by some chance get an e-mail. I got home from my cruise three days before the concert- still no e-mail, it was okay, I didn’t expect to win. The next day I went to check my e-mail and I GOT AN E-MAIL SAYING I WON A MEET AND GREET! I WAS MEETING THE JONAS BROTHERS IN JUST TWO DAYS! OMG! I was home alone and started crying!
So the day of the show comes, I spend a lot of time waiting to get into the venue. finally I get to go to soundcheck. I was in the 3rd row on Kevin’s side. I can feel him smiling at me as I was singing along and video recording them and smiling. I remember going on the meet and greet line after that just freaking out! Finally, the girl in front of me goes and Derrick asks me how I’m doing and I told him I was good when really I WAS DYING. Finally, I walk over and told myself I’d keep it cool but WHEN KEVIN JONAS PULLS YOU IN FOR A HUG AND SAYS HI AND HOW YOU’RE DOING THERE IS NO KEEPING CALM. I was so starstruck that I blanked out on my entire encounter with Joe but I remember Nick hugging me and asking me how I was doing, telling him I was good, him thanking me for being there, that it meant a lot that I was there, and then after the picture, thanking me again and telling me to enjoy the show.
Well, a few days later, word gets out that Kyle lost all the pictures from the meet and greet and I was hysterically crying. Eventually after getting into contact with Team Jonas they told me to go to the Holmdel show for another meet and greet so I brought my friend with me. I missed work to travel to Jersey that day and when I got there they weren’t going to let me in. Well, I sort of maybe fake cried my way in, the woman felt bad, and let me in. She let me cut the front of the line and she told Derrick that I was there to get a picture made up and he was cool with it. I remember him asking me how I was like he did a few days ago and this time as I was about to say I’m nervous, he says hold on, he walks over to where the boys were and I hear him say something along the lines of how I don’t have a bracelet but I’m getting a quick picture AND I HEAR KEVIN JONAS SAY “IT’S ALL GOOD, SEND HER ON IN” O M G So I go over and I said to Kevin “I saw you guys on Saturday at Jones Beach” and he says “It is SO good to see you again” I BLANKED OUT ON JOE AGAIN but I think he said hey, how are you doing? and then Nick was kinda quiet this time but who cares I just hugged the Jonas Brothers again for free. I took my picture, left, and now I tell everyone I met the Jonas Brothers twice in one week!

10 8 / 2013

So it was Mother’s Day of 2013 and I had heard that Nick Jonas was in Birkdale. ( a shopping area around me) Originally I though “Oh I would never meet him so what’s the point in trying.” That one day changed everything. My grandma was taking me to go get two more piercings at Claire’s (the cheapest piercing place around me). After I got them done, we were debating to get frozen yogurt and finally decided to. We took out time and we were walking back to the car. I looked up and saw a guy in a black tank top walking on the other side of the street and as he got closer he looked more and more familiar. It took me a minute but I realized it was him. I started freaking out and in the most quiet voice I asked, “Um Nick? ….. Do you, um, think I could get a picture with you?” I felt so bad for asking because a million people probably ask him that everywhere he went. He said yes though and I started shaking trying to find my phone and the body guard took it for me. I looked terrible because I was crying and shaking and he had his arm around me and I was just so happy. He was so shy and quiet. I never expected him to be THAT shy. Anyway, after the picture I told him I hoped he has a great day and left. As soon as I got to the car I was balling and my grandma was laughing so hard because she is a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers. It was the most memorable day. He is the sweetest.

10 8 / 2013

I met the Jonas Brothers on July 25, 2013 at their concert in Holmdel, NJ. 

I already bought tickets to the show back in April but I didn’t have soundcheck or meet & greet, and I really wanted this to be the summer I would meet all three of the boys.  The week of the concert I found out that one of my local radio stations, B98.5 was giving away a pair of meet & greet passes for the concert during their morning show.  You had to be the 98thcaller to win.  I called in starting on Tuesday morning, and I didn’t win, but luckily they were still having the contest every day until the concert.  I called again on Wednesday, and didn’t do any better than I did the day before.  The last day of the contest was Thursday morning during the 6am hour.  I set my alarm for 5am so I would be awake in time for the contest.  I was about to give up, but then the radio station played First Time and I took that as a sign that I needed to keep trying.   I woke my sister up to help me out since I was using more than one phone, and at 6:45am they finally gave us the ok to start calling. After dialing over and over again, they actually answered!  I was so shocked.  I WON.  At 3pm I met the guy from the radio station and the other winners at the Will Call window at the venue, he told us that he was going to do an interview first & then we would meet them.  I was shaking, I was so excited.  When the guy finally came back after the interview, they took us into the venue and led us to where the stage was while explaining that we were going to get to see some of their soundcheck.  I was freaking out; they sounded great and looked amazing.  After the soundcheck, it was time for the meet and greet.  They took us to the backstage tent and we got to be first in line.  We waited for the boys to come in & I started shaking again.  I was so nervous.  When it was time to go in we walked around to where they were standing.  Kevin was first, than Joe than Nick.  I was dying inside, Kevin was smiling and he said “Hey Guys” I don’t think I said anything except “Hi.” I was so shocked.  I went to each of them and hugged them, Joe smells SO GOOD.  Then we took the picture, I stood between Joe & Kevin, my sister between Joe & Nick.  It was so perfect and I couldn’t believe that Joe rubbed my back!  We walked out and I was so happy, that I screamed.  It was so surreal.  The concert was amazing; it was all an experience that I will never forget. <3

09 8 / 2013

So my mom came home from work one night and told me that 95.5 WPLJ was holding a contest to meet the boys backstage at PNC and play “camp like games” with your chosen Jonas and you also got free tickets to the concert, and if you win the games we played you get front row seats.  So I thought, “Hey, what the heck? I’m already seeing them in Atlantic City the next night so if I dont win no hard feelings!” so i called in and well i won!

Since I’m under 18 and my mom and dad where on vacation my grandma had to bring me. I was the first winner to show up. The other two winners showed up and we talked and they where very nice girls!  We were waiting out in front of the venue, it was supposed to take place out on the front lawn (for anyone that was there waiting in line for VIP, thats why there was barricades set up) but it started raining so the lady that was running it told us it was being moved backstage! So the lady walked us back stage to a patio set up with 3 games. Ladder toss and frisbee toss game. So the boys were running late from Z100 so we had a chance to practice the games.  
So a little wile later we saw their tour bus pull in and we saw them get out and go to catering. About five mins later they came out! THEY ARE SOOOO NICE. They came in and walked right over to the 3 of us and shook our hands and said nice to meet you and it was just asdfghjkl;. So we got paired up with our Jonas (I picked Joe) and we started the games. We did the ladder toss and did pretty good, and then we got to the frisbee toss and I was the only one to get not only one but both the frisbees into the net! Joe got really excited and gave me a high five!
So then we got to hacky sack and the boys were so good and we all sucked! But Joe was nice about it and he gave me pointers and was trying to teach me but it just did not work lol. I ended up kicking the ball into his face at one point and yeah it was just not good. 
So we did the games over another time and then they annonced the scores…and me and joe got last place :/ We were good sports about it though, when they told us we where in last place we where like “YEAH THATS RIGHT! LAST PLACE!!!” and he high fived me and gave me a hug :D. He gave me the tickets I won, and we took pictures for the radio station and I got a pic with all three of them. It was honestly an amazing experience, not only did i get to meet them, I spent a whole half hour with them. It really made me life and I will remember it forever!

16 6 / 2013

October 19, 2012 has got to be one of the luckiest nights of my life.

Around 2-3 days before the concert in Manila, Philippines, the tickets we originally got were lower box (pretty far) and a meet and greet contest was announced. Me (in white) and my best friend (in pale pink) decided to try our luck and we joined the contest. Unfortunately, we lost, but luckily, my dad was able to upgrade our seats and he got us VIP seats! (fifth row from the stage) I was both happy crying and sad crying because of the tickets and the meet and greet contest.

The night of the concert came and me and my best friend were soo excited! We got there pretty early and stayed behind the barricade, since we noticed not a lot of people were there. We were chilling and fangirl-ing, when my other friend called my phone. She was all “OMG……. JONAS……. MEET…….. GREET……… OUTSIDE……… NOW” I seriously could not understand her all that much and decided to go check on her, just to see if she was like hyperventilating or something! So i left my bestfriend to reserve our place behind the barricade and I rushed to my other friend to see what was going on. When I found her in the lobby, she was beside a lady who was wearing an official Jonas ID and was holding some meet and greet passes. My friend ran to me and told me that the lady was selling meet and greet passes for only 2000 pesos (the package was originally around 6000-8000 if I’m not mistaken) I was literally freaking out and screaming in the lobby, everyone must’ve thought I was insane. So I called up my bestfriend who was reserving our spots behind the barricade and, if I remembered it clearly, I was screaming over the phone, telling her “DUDE. MEET AND GREETS. NOW. GET OUT HERE. NOW. NOW OKAY? GO. HURRY UP.” then I hung up and went to the lady to buy my meet and greet pass. As she was handing it to me, I couldn’t help but hug her and say “thank you omg thank you so much!” which made her laugh pretty hard. After my friend got her pass, we proceeded to the meet and greet line. So we went inside the room and the first person who greeted me was Kevin. He was super nice and he said “Hi nice to meet you!” and extended his hand. I shook his hand and after, I hugged him and he hugged back! Next one I met was Joe and he was all “hey! nice to meet you!” I shook his hand and made sure I hugged him pretty tight. The last one I met was Nick and he was like ” hi, I’m nick!” and again, I shook his hand and side hugged him (read: THEY ALL SMELL SO FREAKING GOOD OMG) Since Joe’s my favorite, I made sure I was standing beside him in the picture. Before the picture was taken, I embarrassingly asked Joe “hey Joe, will you go to prom with me?” and he laughed his cute little laugh and he said “we’ll see” with the cutest smug on his face. I literally thought I was gonna melt right there. Then the photographer said “okay guys, time to take the pic!” and I stood beside Joe as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I wrapped mine around his waist and I swear, I could’ve stayed in that position all day if I could. Literally one of the best and luckiest days of my life and I was so glad I got to share it with my best friend!

16 6 / 2013

During joe’s first ever Philippine visit, he went to a Bench store, a brand he is endorsing in my country) in Makati City, Philippines. My friends and I, along with other fans, went to the store to at least catch a glimpse of Joe. The mood was so crazy especially when Joe entered the store. People were shouting, mall goers were stunned by the large amount of people that showed up. We were heavily chanting and singing.

We were very happy until one of the staff decided to close the door of the store because there was too much noise, but Joe intervened and told the staff that it’s ok. Joe, told the staff that there is no need to close the store door, since his fans are outside and he wanted to see them. We were very touched by his gesture. He even approached us outside the store and he signed autographs for us. 

My friend and I, ran after his car and Joe was also kind enough to wave at us while the car drove off. 

I was also fortunate enough to meet Joe during his press launch for bench. the first thing i asked him was if I could hug him and he replied with a smile “Yes, sure why not?” 



13 6 / 2013

I met Nick  when I went to see him on How To Succeed on January 27th 2012.


I came out of the theatre a little late becuase Delta Goodrem and Mr Jonas were inside and I stayed after the play to meet them too, so when I finally came out there was a lot of people waiting for him and the other actors. I made my way through the crowd and stood one or two people away from the fence, but when he came out I was still too far as to get to him, so when he walked a bit farther I focused on trying to get the security guy to hand him a letter I had for him with our picture together in Argentina. But I finally got to be on the fence and I shouted “Nick, I came from Argentina, please!” like a thousand times, and even though he would never hear it I didn’t stop at any moment. He took pictures with the whole first fence and when he was almost done with the second one he was taking a picture with a fan, and when she put down her camera he was staring in my direction so I shouted louder and he gave a smile and turn around again. At that point and being so late I thought that was it, but I was happy I had met Delta, and I had already met him once so I wasn’t feeling that bad. But when he was done and they opened the car door for him, he said “wait” and came all the way back and stood in front of me. I was at shock that he would come back! I didn’t know what to say or how to thank him, so he laughed at me for not saying anything and asked if we enjoyed the play and we were all like YEAH! I gave him the letter, and for some reason I still can’t understand, I gave it to him opened up and he stared at the picture making kind of a thoughfull face, and I said “I don’t know if you remember me, we met in Argentina” and he smiled at me and said “Yes! At the airport!” SHOCK AGAIN, did that really happen!?!?!? He took away my camera and gave it to the security guy, while he figured out how to turn the camera back on, I rested my head on Nick’s shoulder and he didn’t move! He just let me use him as my pillow! The guy finally took the picture and Nick turned around and signed some autographs and I showed him a tattoo I got on my wrist the first time I met him that says “Stronger” and said “I got this because of you, can you sign it?” -the point was for him to see it, I didn’t really care about the autographimage

to be honest- he smiled at it and caressed my wrist -I guess he did that to see if it was real- and signed it. After that he started to walk towards the car again and I shouted “Te amo te amo” which in spanish means I love you, and he laughed and got into his car. Most perfect night of my entire life :)

13 6 / 2013

I met the Jonas Brothers on March 19th 2013


I woke up at 6 am I showered and went straight to the hotel. Hoping and waiting for hours and only managed to see the band, but I had great time with my friends waiting for my idols.The next day, the 19th, we were  able to check in for the sound check and it was absolutely the best. We saw them and we cried and went crazy, it was time for the  M&G  to start and I was afraid to go, I had a lot of nerves. We were being put in groups of 10 and were brought to the back of the stage where there was a large white tent that had a sign that said “Meet And Greet.” Then it was my turn, the security guard opened the tent and I started to scream hahaha. The security guards told me to be quiet, but I could not believe that after 6 years my idols were in  front of me and I could finally hug them. We all hugged and that was a beautiful moment I’m not going to forget, EVER ♥ I hugged joe nick and nick  said “hi” but I was paralyzed. I spent like 4 seconds  staring in both of their eyes and no words came out of my mouth. Then kyle said 1,2,3 and took the first pic  then I changed to the side of joe and kevin and retold as 1,2,3 I was gripping her arm to nick and said “I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH PLEASE NEVER CHANGE” nick said “LOVE YOU TOO” and joe “NICE TO MEET YOU” I went to the front row and after two hours of waiting, it was the best of concert of my lifeeee.   

02 6 / 2013

Hello! My name is Alexis and I met the Jonas brothers on May 29th 2013 at Mesa Grill in Nassau Bahamas.

We were at the restaurant and Nick and Joe walked in. I glanced over and thought I recognized them. It finally hit me that THIS IS THE JONAS BROTHERS! I about fell to the floor, and then walked over and said hello. Their body guards were so nice and asked if I wanted a picture and I said YES! Nick and Joe shook my hand and introduced themselves, I told them they didn’t have to tell me who they were because I knew them well. We took pictures and talked for a while actually. LATER I was eating at a different restaurant and in walks all 3 of them. They sat at the table directly next to me and my family. I was awe stricken the whole night! I again saw them in the Casino at the Atlantis hotel in the bahamas the night of. They’re such wonderful guys, I love the Jonas brothers!

31 5 / 2013

I met Nick for the first time in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 30th 2011.

Me and my friends found him when he arrived to our country and he came to us and a few more girls that were there, too, but he stood right in front of me. I felt so at ease when he stared at my eyes that I didn’t felt like screaming, I just asked him to hold my hand and so he did, he grabbed it and didn’t let go until I did -I didn’t want to, but I had to eventually haha- I asked him if we could take a picture and he was like sure! and I tried to take it by myself but the fence between us cut half his beautiful face, so someone from the other side took a better one :) After that, he turned around to me again and I said “Nick, I love you, you’re my hero, you saved my life” and I promisse he smiled even with his eyes and replied “I’m glad”.

31 5 / 2013

Hello my name is Karla Tellez and I’m from Mexico, well… my dream came true this year on February 22, was one of the best days of my life, and a experience that I will never forget.


My story begins… First I had to travel from my city to Mexico City several hours, then I had to make a long line to get my ticket, then another line to pick the VIP package, but it was totally worth it :D!!!!

After a few hours, the line started to move and finally we got into the sound check, it was something unreal, they looked so beautiful and so perfect as always :D, when the sound check finished the staff took us behind the stage, it was time for the Meet and Greet!! Time to finally meet them and have my picture with them, when my turn came I was very nervous, I was in shock, when I enter to the room and saw them it was one of the best times of my life, it was like a dream!! 

They are super friendly and cute, first Kevin greeted me and said in Spanish: “Hola, Como estas?”, then Joe said: “Hola” and at the end Nick (the love of my life) grabbed my hand and greeted me, and I fell in love again!  It was the best 40 seconds!

After that Kyle took the picture and I had to go, but the story doesn´t finish there. A few hours later the show began, it was so perfect, because I was in the front row, I couldn’t asked for more, the best of the night was at the end of the show, Nick Jonas threw a black towel to the audience and I caught it!

I hope to see them soon :)

31 5 / 2013

I was on my way to school listening to Ryan Seacrest in the Morning. The boys were on and had just announced that they were playing two nights at the Pantages. And then all of a sudden Ryan said he was going to give out a pair of tickets to “caller 102”. A second later a bad Usher song started playing and my mom and I started dialing like crazy. My sister sitting in the backseat made snide remarks and kept chanting “you’re not going to win, you’re not going to win.” I decided to call one last time and if they didn’t answer they didn’t answer. Before I knew it I was speaking to a male receptionist.
"Hello, what’s your name, Honey?" he asked in his slightly southern accent.
"Bri-bri-brianna," I responded stuttering and already crying.
"Alright honey lets see if you’re the winner," he responded and put me on hold as the song ended.
My mom and sisters were screaming at the top of their lungs.
"THEY ANSWERED??? DID THEY ANSWER?" All I did to respond was cry. Then all of a sudden I heard,
"And we’re on the line with Brianna!" His voiced boomed, so sudden, so giving though at the same time. Then it happened: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk0PLXT4MKg&sns=tw .
I was the winner. I was going to see them and meet them after years of being a dedicated fan, of buying every single album and poster after constantly getting teased, after everything, I was finally going to see my boys. The boys whom I owed my life to. It’s kind of funny cause I think the only reason Ryan decided to give me m&g is because I was crying so hysterically.
All I could remember after that the next month. November 28th, 2012. There I was sitting in the meet and great room at the W Hotel waiting for the boys to come in. Then they came, looking as beautiful as ever. They looked like wax figures. It was almost unreal. I remember making eye contact with Joe and then Nick. They both greeted me with warm smiles. We all lined up against a wall waiting for our turn to take our picture. Then I was next. I approached them with so much confidence, I actually surprised myself a lot. I gave them all huge hugs and then Joe being cheeky as ever said “I like your hat,” I absolutely melted but I just said “thanks I like yours too.” Without even looking up at Nick I was able to feel his intense stare on my face. I finally said “I’m the girl who won the tickets a couple of months ago, the one who was crying like a maniac on Ryan Seacrest in the Morning. You guys really did save my life. Thank you for that.” Then Joe said “Awesome! Thank you so much for coming and letting us save you.” Then he high fived me, next was Kevin, and then Nick. I then started babbling about how excited I was for the concert but the photographer asked me to hurry up and take the picture. I slid in between Joe and Nick and it felt like I was a missing puzzle piece that found where I fit.


The concert was beyond amazing. You never would of thought they took a break. Hands down it had to be the best day of my entire life. The day I met my saviors. Moral of the story is to not lose hope. The wait is worth it. Someday you’ll meet your hero too.

04 5 / 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 3rd 2013.

I entered the M&G and Kev and Nick were standing on their places but Joe was on his knees on the floor dong I-don’t-know-what. From the very moment I saw Kev I started to sing a song that I worte for them a few years ago when they saved my life, called Colorful Again. Kev stared at me while I sang for him the first two lines and said “What a nice voice!”, then Joe went back to his place and I sang the two following lines and he stared at me amazed and exclamed “Wow!”, and I turned to Nick and sang the next line and he nodded also amazed and the sixth line has the quote “A little bit longer” and when I sang that part he smiled to me with all of his beautiful teeth, and for the last part I looked at them all and as the last word is “Stronger” I pointed my tattoo with that word (I got it the first time I met Nick and got to show it to him the second time), and the three of them smiled and Nick said “Beautiful song!”. They wouldn’t stop thanking me a lot and I hugged each of them and kissed their cheeks, Kev said “Thank you!”, Joe said “Muchas gracias” in such a cute way and I answered “Muchas gracias to you! You guys saved my life!” and Nick hugged me super tight and kissed my cheek and I felt his beard. For the picture I stood between Kev and Joe, and after it was taken I got out of my pocket (you’re not allowed to enter gifs to the M&G in Argentina) a tiny guitar that comes in its case and I gave it to Kev saying “I bought this for you like five years ago” and he opened the case and smiled and say “Thank you! I love it!”. And then I was kicked out because they realized that if it was my choice, I would have stayed all the afternoon.


It was the most perfect, dreamed and awaited day of all of my life, I couldn’t have asked for anything more beautiful than what I lived, it didn’t miss absolutely anything!

Twitter: @ChuleKogan

04 5 / 2013

So, everything began when I knew they were coming to Argentina again on tour.
I was freaking out cause I wasn’t able to go to their concerts before, and my mom said I was going this time and everything was perfect. I bought my M&G, like I was actually MEETING them finally, and that was all I’ve ever wanted. 
 We went to the concert early,  I was peeing in my pants of excitement. 
We were in the line waiting for soundcheck and we saw them walking in backstage. Nick perfect Jonas was there with a white t-shirt and glasses looking flawless as always, I was dying inside. Then we saw Kevin too. Everyone was crazy. Then we came into soundcheck, and they went on stage, and I screamed like if it was the end of the world lmao. But they were perfect and real, and they were right there in front of me. You can’t even imagine what I felt, cause they are so far away from us, it was soooo unreal and I thought I was never going to be able to live that, but it was happening :’)
After that was the M&G. OMG I was soooo nervous. When the line started to move and girls came out crying like crazy, yelling how perfect they were and everything. So then it was my turn, we went backstage and they were there, meters from me. I was seeing them while they were taking pictures with the other girls. There was two girls before me, I was hypnotized, dying inside. I mean the Jonas Brothers were in front of me, what is life, idk how I’m still alive. When it was my turn to take the picture the security guard said “next” and the three of them looked at me. I ran into Kevin’s arms, I really did lol And he waited me with his arms opened and hugged me really tight and said “Hola ¿como estas?”. He was speaking to ME in spanish. My brain died in that exact moment, I don’t even know if I said something lol Then I hugged Joe, I don’t remember what I said or he said. But God, he is SO hot! After that I looked at Nick. My baby Nick was in front of me, I can’t even. We hugged and I said “I love you”, he took a step back and looked at me, and said “I love you too”. I was in shock, I mean the sound of his voice saying that he loves me, what? Then he move me to take the picture because I was petrified. They took the picture and I had to leave, I just said “I love you guys!”
I came out with a big bright smile in my face, and tried to tell my best friend about it. And when I started my whole world crash down and I cried like ever before. It was THE BEST THING ever, I will neveeeeer forget that.
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22 4 / 2013

So, on Friday April 19th I was on my way to see All Time Low and Pierce the Veil in Charlotte (I live about an hour and a half away) and my mom wanted to visit a friend at ger job just outside of Charlotte. I’ve known about Nick filming the movie aroud Charlotte and I was joking about how I was totally gonna run into him. So we were at my mom’s friend’s job in her office talking when the movie came up in conversation and they told me they were filming literally right where we were and I looked out a window and saw the trailer and basically sqealed jibberish trying not to cry. And then a little while later I looked out the window and who did I see? NICK. So i sprinted out the building but we just missed him. Basically, we kind of stalked te building and waited around (which I feel bad about but omg I was not about to miss Nick) when one film crew memer finally said if we waited a bit Nick would be out to say hi to us but then we had to leave. We waited maybe another hour and a half (WHILE UNDER TORNADO WATCH) and they same guy came back and took is behind a building by the trailer. He knocked on the trailer, said something, and then walked off. A minute later Nick walked out and my jaw hit the sidewalk, no joke. It was as if the heavens opened up. There was like this angelic chorus, the birds were singing, all that omg. So Nick kind of smirked at me and then shook my hand (and my brother, sister, and mom) and then we got a picture. And he rubbed my back omg I could have just passed out and cried. Then my mom started talking about how this one time we saw their concert once and then followed their vans and I got so embarrassed but he was cool about it. So a bit after that we had to go so he could get back to the movie stuff and I basically turned a corner and started like hyperventilating. I can’t.

I’m the one to the left of him in the magenta music cleft heart shirt thing. I was basically peeing my pants so my face is like holy nO but i don’t care because after seven ish years, I finally met Nick and I just love him so much. GAH.